Military Style Clothing

Military style clothing has become a trend among many people in the modern days. The style has gone to be a trend and offers a classic look for both men and women. Due to it’s popularity, there are a whole slew of companies who have a multitude of these styles on offer, such as Military 1st – which specifically specialise in military or army clothing and accessories. The style rose to prominence after the Second World War because of the classic look army clothing offers and their high level aesthetic value. The pieces pop up the fashion trenches every season of the year. The military drill is about the hats, tailored suits, in sole for shoes, shirts, tees, khaki over trousers and others that makes you look perfect. In case you are interested in this form of clothing, here are some information you need to understand.

History of military style clothing

military clothing

After the Second World War, people used to wear trench coats that were given by the government as their daily outwear. This means that all women had to put on the trench coats as their outwear too. They tried to make the trench coats as fashionable as possible. During this moment there were a lot of protests everywhere as many people showed their disregard to the war. Those supporting the anti war movement used military outfits such as camouflage, army jackets, cargo pants and others that showed protest for war. This became sort of a trend whereby unlike in the past the military clothing became popular even for normal trend, not only for the armies who engaged in war other military functions. Up to now the military clothing has become a trend and it is not likely that it will go out of style any time soon.

Why military clothing is loved

Military style clothing is liked by many people including men and women because the fashion is highly functional. The style also provides you with a tough and an attractive appeal. In addition, the military fashion is bold and sporty, unlike most other fashions. This style is great for anyone who wants to have a unique entire look. All you should do in order to ensure that you have the best look when you put on this clothing is to add your favorite accessories, but do not overdo them. Vintage accessories, aviator sunglasses, badges, belts will give you that stunning look that you have always desired to have.

military textile

Military style clothing never goes of style like most other fashions that come and go fast. The signature military color, hats, combat boots and badges are perfect to wear and this form of clothing style is bold and sporty. Wearing clothing that have military theme will make you have an outstanding look that will make you look unique among many people. This is especially if you are able to match the different military attires that you put on.

Military clothing tips

If you want to have an elegant and presentable look when you are in your military style clothing, you need to know the perfect way to do so. A utility hooded jacket together with a vintage skirt can be a perfect combination to offer you a great military look if you are a lady. You can complete the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses. Another most important thing you should never forget is to mix and match, so that you can have a nice military look. T-shirt, cargo pants and a vintage hat will be a great combination too. All this will depend on how well you are doing the mixing and match. The bottom line is to ensure that you select the clothing that suit you well, just like you do with other types of fashions. Here is an example of a great military style look.

military shoes

Sergeant camouflage

This does not need any introduction because camouflage is the trending military print in the modern days. Despite that it might be perfect for office; it works perfectly for smart casual occasions. You will attain a cool weekend look by wearing a white sneakers, camo print tee, navy blazer and khaki chinos. You can also replace the sneakers with army brown leather lace ups. Camo footwear makes you have an off duty look. You can opt for sneakers or sliders. It is also possible to have another look by pairing the footwear with demure pieces such as black slim fit jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Baby Monitors – Not Found Made In USA

I’ve been unable to locate baby monitors made in the USA. This is the response from Dorel Industries “Thank you for contacting Dorel Juvenile Group consumer relations. We apologize for any delay in answering your email.We are not currently making any of our models here in the US.The answer would not necessarily be model based as manufacturing plants can vary/change as to where a product is produced.To know for sure where a product has been manufactured, you will want to check the box before purchasing it.Keep in mind also that the box would not necessarily indicate where all components are manufactured, just final assembly.”

If you know of any brand made in the USA, please post here for our community to review.

Costumes Made In USA

Mickey is looking for novelty costumes made in USA for a new online company. Just last week I stumbled upon a manufacturer. I had ripped a tag of a bow that I had just purchased because ofcourse it had the “Made in USA” label on it. So I checked it out. Sure enough it’s the worlds largest manufacturer of ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper. One of their for brand names is Paper Magic. What a surprise to find out they also manufacture costumes! Paper Magic

I’ll do more digging to see if there are others, but I have searched costumes before and never found anything definitive. I’ll search again for you Mickey…

Vitamins & Supplements Made In USA

Natures Sunshine makes vitamins and herbal supplements in the USA.

Show your “Made in USA” support by ordering through this link!
Natures Sunshine

Natures Sunshine will offer you a membership so that you may enjoy discounted prices. We will sponsor you, our account code will automatically show up for you. You DO NOT need to give us access to your e-mail address.

Any benefit that Made By Yankees may get from you buying and/or joining Natures Sunshine will go towards furthering our cause to promote “Made in USA” products.

Natures Sunshine Statement
“Thank you for your inquiry. Nutritional products NSP offers are manufactured at the NSP manufacturing facility in Spanish Fork, Utah. NSP manufacturing facility is an award winning (Nutritional Manufacturer of the year) and OTC (pharmaceutical) level facility. NSP has one of the most extensive quality testing facilities and we are considered to be the quality leader in the natural supplement industry. NSP conducts independent testing to ensure that we provide high quality products. We meticulously test all raw materials and finished products. In all, we use more than 300 tests and procedures to ensure the quality of the raw materials we use and of the finished products we sell. We can guarantee the quality and purity of every product we sell because we conduct our own extensive testing on every lot of every product. Very few herbal companies have the resources or staff to adequately conduct their own tests to ensure quality. We use the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards to test vitamin and mineral contents of our finished products. We do this to assure that our product meets the label claim and we are confident in the quality of our products. I hope this information is helpful. “

Watches Made in USA

This information was provided by John…


“I am including links to some American Watch Mfrs.. RGM in particular is unique in making there own movement the model 801, and Kobold has a model the Spirit of America automatic that is made entirely in the USA except the base movement, but even it is re manufactured with many USA parts.”

  • Welcome to RGM Watches
  • First American Made Caliber in over 35 years – RGM Model # 801
  • Towson Watch Company
  • World’s Finest Luxury Watches | Sedona Watch Works
  • Kobold Watch Company
  • Bozeman Watch Company
  • The Montana Watch Company

Invicta has a line of watches “Made in USA”. However, their link to that line of watches was not working when I last checked it 3/19/11. Invicta Made in USA collection

Wheelbarrows – Made In USA

The Wheelbarrow research has been a little challenging. Though we can find several that claim to be made in USA. Typically the wheel are not made in the USA.

So several wheel barrows will fall within the legal guidelines of Made in USA. However, for those looking for 100% made in USA, the search is still on.

Assembled in USA
Jes Wheelbarrows

Made in USA with imported wheels.
EZhaul Cart
Scenic Road Mfg (wheel origin unknown)
Garbro (made in Arkansas)

Ames True Temper
“Most of our wheelbarrows are made in the USA, but they all can use components that are imported. Most wheel assemblies and many handles are imported.”

Wheel barrow parts Made in USA:
Tire Hoover Fence
Bucket Wheel Barrow Tub
Handles Lawn and Garden

Soccer Supplies – Made In USA

Soccer Supplies, Made in USA, are just as hard to locate as any thing else. Luckily, Stan at Soccer International found us! Stan’s web site is limited in product description but don’t let that fool you. Stan has the largest resource for Made in USA soccer products that I’ve found so far. AND he’s dedicated to the Made in USA endeavor. Stan has access to these

Made in USA Soccer products…
Ball bags, pinnies (training vests)
Goal carry bags
Goal Anchor bags
Custom Team Jerseys
Aerosol Spray paint for fields
9″ Plastic Cones
Cold compresses
Soccer Goals
Uniforms, jerseys, shorts and socks
Inexpesnive corner flag sets
Velcro net fastener
Instant cold compresses
Car Magnets
Bumper Stickers
Chocolate soccer balls 4″ or 7″ in diameter

Don’t hesitate to contact him by phone, he will delighted to assist you.
703-524-4333 Stan Dobson

PS Don’t be fooled by other “Soccer international” websites, I have no information regarding their intentions to sell Made in USA products.

Large Appliances

The below list represents large Appliances confirmed as made in the USA. There are other large applicances made in USA. However, only these have been verified as made in USA.

Whirlpool (check model and label)

Summit Appliances (all ranges are made in USA) See products links in our database.


Sharp When I inquired I was told these microwaves were made in USA. Others have said they are only assembled in the USA. In either case, this is the closest product to “Made in USA”

Washer and Dryer
Speed Queen

Also see Viking Range
They have indicated “Our major appliances are made in Greenwood MS. Our culinary small appliances are made International for Viking to our specs and design.”

LED Light Bulbs

I have been completely unsuccessful at finding LED light bulbs made in the USA. If anyone has any information on a manufacturer in the USA. Please help us.
Thank you!

This is the response I received when searching for string LED lights. It comes from Innovative Energy Solutions.

“You are facing a true dilemma. I cannot find light strings made in the USA. The problem lies with the fact that the vast majority of consumers want “Wal-Mart” prices and that requires finding foreign manufactories which don’t have to pay American Union wages. Even items which are handcrafted in USA are usually made of components which come from China, India, Pakistan or other foreign land with cheap labor (the vast majority of items in the Hobby Lobby stores is foreign-made for example). So, if you consider our lighted wreaths, or metal-frame displays, the structures may be US made, but the lights will be from China. It is an impossible situation which I find to be frustrating on a number of levels.

Vitamins For Pets

Halo Pets
Yes, all of our products are made in the US. We do not get any
ingredients from outside the United States (with the exception of our
pea protein which comes from Canada). All of our products are made in a
USDA facility and are approved for human consumption.

Also Earth Turns

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are difficult to search on line. The following list is a result of direct observation. These brands each had products with “Made in USA” marked on them.

In Rythm
Sunrise Greetings
Tender THoughts
Fantus Paper Products, IL
American Greetings

The last two may very well have plants over seas but generally that is to
service their asian customers. Just check the labels. All of these are
clearly marked.

I did not research the manufacturer of these items. I’m giving you this
information strictly from the back side of the items I reviewed.

Audio Equipment – Made In USA

Arthur was perusing our site and suggested that we post Audio Equipment. At this time I have no Audio Equipment listed in the database. This is mostly because I hadn’t had a request to research this particular type of equipment. Generally, that’s how it works, as I research I either post to the blog or I input the information into the database. Believe it or not there are SO many items made in the USA, I can’t get them all posted to the database.

Anyway, Arthur has kindly forwarded his research and with his permission, I’m posting it here. Though I’m sure Arthur was diligent in his research, I haven’t confirmed the exact manufacturing location for each brand. As always, as questions if you are in the serious buying mood!

McIntosh full line home electronics.
McCormack-amplifiers and preamps.
Juicy Music tube amplifiers, preamps, phono stages.
Ideal Innovationstube amplifiers.
GrommesTube amplifiers and professional electronics.
Grommes Hi fi
Conrad-Johnson. Amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Manley Labs. Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, professional electronics.
Klipsch (speakers) makes all of their heritage line in the US. They just built a new factory in AK a few years ago, so I would imagine other lines as well.
JBL-Speakers. Many professional and upper line home products still US made. Not all, but many US products.
Monarchy Audio. Amplifiers, DACs, Cables, Power Conditioners.
Audible Illusions. Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Phono Amps.
Magnepan. Speakers.
Cardas. Cables, parts and accessories.
Ashly. Pro audio amplifiers and processors.
ATI. Amplifiers and home theater processors.
BGW. Pro amplifiers, subwoofers, accessories.
Audience. Cables, speakers, amplifiers, etc.
Joseph Audio. Speakers.
Conrad Johnson
PS Audio
Mark Levinson
Martin Logan
Klipsch Heritage products.